Why Buy From Us

Anfiluxury Furniture is a one-stop and convenient solution for home and living product

This integrated e-catalogue of home and living products offers various product categories ranging from home accessories to lighting and furniture for every living area, such as bedroom, living room, and dining room. It is our aim to ease your shopping experience by giving you a vast number of designer products, which are high quality and accessible to you, no matter where you are.

Made to order

To provide our customers with the best quality products possible, every piece is made to order. This approach eliminates brick and mortar retail cost and results in high quality products with an affordable price.

Value for money

The unique business model is made for customers who desire designer product quality and good value for money.

Environmentally friendly

Because all products in Anfiluxury Furniture are made-to-order, we are helping to save the environment by minimizing the use of unnecessary organic material for inventory purpose.

Social Impact

We also focus on promoting Indonesian labels and expanding them worldwide and to enhance their standard of living by providing an e-commerce platform, to bring them to a new and broader market.