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Anfiluxury.com is the home of quality furniture and innovatively designed by professional craftsman. Here you will find many furniture products from Indonesia which already to export. All products are made from best material, such as; Teak wood, Mahogany, Rattan, Wicker, Cane, etc. Anfiluxury.com itself has partnered with many furniture manufacturers and wholesalers throughout Indonesia furniture area. It offers the directory of furniture links to office furniture, patio furniture, bedroom furniture, home furniture, outdoor furniture, custom furniture, garden furniture, antique furniture and other industry furniture ; wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers. Find a wide selection of furniture products here at wholesale prices. Therefore, the Anfiluxury.com is the most appropriate place to do business because this is where the center of Indonesian furniture furniture trader. Our furniture is available for outdoor and indoor use. We supply various outdoor furniture made of teak, alloy casting, aluminum pipe, stainless steel, synthetic rattan, and batyline. For interior use, we present wooden furniture made of teak, mahogany, mindi, acacia and another type of Indonesian wood. Completing those wooden collections, we bring in rattan furniture, natural fiber furniture such as skin of rattan, croco, water hyacinth, sea grass, and mixture of natural fiber for indoor use. To zest up the interior and exterior decoration we recommend a large selection of craft and home accessories made of wood, terracotta, terrazzo, fabric, and assorted natural fibers.

Our Indoor furnitures are made from solid wood and MDF for the panel. We can use NC, water based or PU coating for our indoor items depending on customer request. Our garden furnitures are made from solid mahogany wood and sprayed with PU acrylic coating to protect from four seasons weather. All of our woods are kiln dried first before being processed. We always make sure the moisture content of the wood is around 10% to prevent cracking in the paint.

In order to deliver the highest quality products to our customers, we produce everything in house. We put great emphasis on excellent quality products, on time delivery, competitive prices and excellent customer service.


Batik Black Gold 5 Drawers Commode

Batik Black Gold 5 Drawers Commode

Toulouse White 4 Drawers Commode

Toulouse White 4 Drawers Commode

Toulouse Turqouse 4 Drawers Commode

Toulouse Turqouse 4 Drawers Commode

toulouse pink 4 drawers commode

Toulouse Pink 4 Drawers Commode

toulouse purple 4 drawers commode

Toulouse Purple 4 Drawers Commode

silky king size upholstery bed

Silky King Size Upholstery Bed

salma deep purple full upholstery bed

Salma Deep Purple Full Upholstery Bed

salma dark brown full upholstery bed

Salma Dark Brown Full Upholstery Bed

raisa dark brown upholstery bed

Raisa Dark Brown Upholstery Bed

raisa deep purple upholstery bed

Raisa Deep Purple Upholstery Bed

lady melissa desk black red

Lady Melissa Desk Black Red

lady melissa slim desk green

Lady Melissa Slim Desk Green

open close casillas dressing table

Open Close Casillas Dressing Table

karlie kloss bedside table wp

Karlie Kloss Bedside Table WP

ayunda dressing table with mirror

Ayunda Dressing Table with Mirror

hayden black gold wardrobe

Hayden Black Gold Wardrobe

queen black red open bookcase

Queen Black Red Open Bookcase

grand estonia open bookcase wg

Grand Estonia Open Bookcase WG

pink monroe 2 door commode

Pink Monroe 2 Door Commode

black silver kloose commode

Black Silver Kloose Commode

nella kharisma 2 door commode

Nella Kharisma 2 Door Commode

amoora pinky long commode

Amoora Pinky Long Commode

reena flags 2 door commode

Reena Flags 2 Door Commode

hayden gold batik wardrobe

Hayden Gold Batik Wardrobe

camila white glass wardrobe

Camila White Glass Wardrobe

kingkan dark grey wardrobe

Kingkan Dark Grey Wardrobe

karlie wardrobe double door

Karlie Wardrobe Double Door

nantes carved standing mirror

Nantes Baby Standing Mirror