Nantes Baby Standing Mirror


Nantes Baby Standing Mirror

Buy the Nantes Baby Standing Mirror it’s complement with Finished indoor collection by Anfi Luxury Indonesia Furniture product code AL-PRO037 solid Mahogany wood material.

Mahogany Nantes Baby Standing Mirror

A nice Nantes Baby Standing Mirror would not be complete without this one. Nantes Baby Standing Mirror, or whatever you want to call it. They are a nice addition to already exist indoor Indonesia furniture products on your home. Well? Of course you must have Mahogany Nantes Baby Standing Mirror, so they become perfect sets for your home. Yes of course we have them too.

Why indoor Indonesia furniture? Well? It’s because they has a gorgeous design which is very awesome and model and also it has luxury style, that other wood species doesn’t have. Beauty and strength, what else do we need?

Mahogany Nantes Baby Standing MIrror Designs

All our mahogany indoor furniture are use kiln dry wood process, the moisture content is under 8%. The treatment of our wood into vacuum pressure machine to kill any termites. Each piece is expertly built to high tolerances and with traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery held together with wooden dowels are combined with high grade brass hardware, good joints, well-constructed done by skilled craftsman to ensure quality construction that will withstand a lifetime of use.

We have many designs of standing mirrors. There are luxury Nantes Baby Standing Mirror that stands to furnishing your home sensibly and wisely. You can also make a custom design of Nantes Baby Standing Mirror to fit your personal needs. Simply give us a call or shoot an email and we can talk a little more detail about it.

Code : AL-PRO037
Dimensions : N/A
Material : Solid Mahogany Wood
Finishing : Gold Leaf, You can customize the color
Fabric : -